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Bathing Suits Maybe the fabric IRL makes them better, but I really feel some of them took "summer wedding" too far. Does anyone know what the actual dress code is? As in, what the guest were told?The wedding itself is dress which, as you said, is the same dress code as for posh horse races like Royal Ascot.tie is the equivalent of the dress code you thinking of, and that generally the dress code at very formal evening occasions like state dinnersI expect that the guests won change for the formal lunch reception, but those invited to the evening party will probably change into black tie evening clothes later on. About the titles and medals ("ordener" in Danish), I was recalling one of the most recent ceremonies, the Queens Nytrskur: the commentators often mention how the dresses needs to be strengthened for carrying the medals, and how you really need sleeves (and/or beach dresses shoulders) for that. Bathing Suits

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