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If you are a music enthusiast like I am, having your iTunes full of gray music notes is unbearable. I recently found a program called Tuneup Media Companion. This software's main purpose is to find mislabeled music files and correct them. It also has other very useful features including an album artwork finder.
The Tuneup programs artwork tool searches through your entire iTunes or Windows media player library in search of missing album art. This tool is based on the song's current ID3 tags so you have to be sure to clean your files with the clean feature before running the cover art tool.
Once you are done fixing your MP3 ID3 tags you will be well on your way to eliminating all of those annoying gray music notes that are in place of your album artwork. What's great about Tuneup is that it searches multiple online sources and usually displays quite few options of different album covers for you to choose from. For example if they have a special edition cover or maybe a live tour cover you can opt to show those instead. You can also determine the resolution of the picture file that you want downloaded.
ITunes has a view called cover flow that is useless unless your album artwork is correct and web link up to date. After running the album artwork finder software you will once again be able to make use of this view. Now you can sift through your music collection and browse your albums just by flipping through the album covers.