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What are hangtags and labels and why are they important for your plush toys? How come the most popular and the best stuffed toys have hangtags and labels on them? A lot of manufacturers would tell you that if you want to make custom plush, you should put hangtags and labels on them.
If you see pieces of small cardboard hanging from the toys, those are the hangtags. Some plush toy manufacturers see it as an added expense. Don't get me wrong. It is an added expense especially if you have to customize it. But it doesn't have to feel that way. The best stuffed toys are also the most marketed and the hangtags play a big part in marketing the toys. You can also use the space to put in contact information like your website or contact number.
Imagine a customer liking your toy too much and they want to order in bulk. If they can find your contact information at once, then you got yourself a big order. You can also turn them into a mini-booklet with loads of information and promos for your custom toys. You can bunch 2-3 hangtags together and that will give you a lot of opportunities to up sell or even offer another one of your products. For example, you can put in something like, "Present this tag together with the toy to get a 20% discount on my book". It adds value to your toys because there's a good catch to it. In addition, you're also promoting your book. It's really hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.
You can also use hangtags to add appeal to your plush toy. The best stuffed toys are usually the most appealing, so every added appeal can do wonders for your toy. One of the more popular ways of using hangtags is to make one of a bone and attach it to a plush dog. It's cute and appealing.
So how about labels? These are usually the woven tags attached at the bottom of your toys. It has the company name and the country where it was made along with some other details. It is important to note that you have to put the country of origin. If you don't put it, you run the risk of your toys being pulled out of the stores. How can you make the best toys if it's just going to be pulled out?
Woven labels don't really give you a lot of freedom to squeeze in some advertising. So some manufacturers resort to using printed labels. This gives them a bigger space that they can use for other details or even advertisement.
So make sure that you talk to a reliable manufacturer regarding the labels and the hangtags. Label regulations differ depending on the country so make sure that the manufacturer knows what the regulations are. They can also help you take advantage of the embroidered labels and the hangtags to help you make the best plush toys.