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Every once in a while you come across a website that does exactly what you want. It contains no user groups that you don't want to join. You don't have to click through multiple pages of over designed functionality. It's actually easy to find the information or functionality you need. Such was my experience in using .
Occasionally I enjoy writing poetry. Trying to find the right words to fit together can be tough. It's not uncommon to sit in front of the computer or notepad attempting to divine a word that both rhymes and fits. Recently I found myself shayari images in Hindi this situation, and so I began looking for an online solution. A quick Google search brought up .
The first thing I noticed about Rhymer is that it has a nice box right up front where I could enter the word I wanted. I pushed the button and voil?�, a list of rhyming words appeared. They were clear to read, without a bevy of ads getting in the way. It was easy. Almost too easy.
I began to reflect on the simplicity of the site, and wondered how it ended up that way. I noticed that Rhymer appears to be associated with a greater organization, . I envision Rhymer being an afterthought in the overall business plan. The Write Express site has a variety of options, offers for demos, marketing rhetoric, shiny little badges and awards. Noise. All of which take away from the basic utility of the site. Here's where VPs spent their high paid lunches and board room meetings coming up with extra stuff they think is great. Here's where original concepts come to die.
Meanwhile, off to the side, is the unwanted step child, . It was probably designed away from the scrutinous eyes of those who are deemed qualified. By qualified I mean influencers that don't feel they are doing their job unless they change something- anything. If it's A, change it to B. If B, change to A. The actual modifications don't really matter as long as they get the opportunity to exert their position of authority upon the team.
And so, I theorize, has escaped the harmful effects of management looking to secure their position. And for now, it works as expected. It lives happily, under the radar of the hawking eyes that may one day attempt to fix it.
Upon further research Rhymer was designed not at all as "an unwanted step child.
From the perspective of software, it has probably had more influence on mankind than anything else I've done. It would have been nice to have created something of greater significance.
was designed and not during "paid lunches and board room meetings coming up with extra stuff they think is great."
is a free online tool. is an online store with how-to articles, similar to .