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Towing trucks are very handy vehicles when it comes to pulling out other vehicles which land up in an emergency situation. These are heavy duty vehicles and are very much in demand today as the towing business is flourishing. When you go to purchase a tow truck there are basically three categories - flatbed tow trucks, hook and chain trucks and axle cradling tow trucks. The oldest among these is the hook and chain tow trucks that uses various chains around the vehicle. The axel Tow truck oklahoma city trucks has a large yoke made of metal that is placed under the four wheels, using a hydraulic hoist the front end of the vehicle is lifted to enable it to be towed. The flatbed tow trucks as the name suggests has a flat back that is lowered to the ground level to enable the car to be loaded onto it for towing. Yet another type of tow truck is the Boom tow truck that is used to pick cars out of ditches. Most of the towing companies like the NYC towing company use the axel type of towing trucks and a few flatbed towing trucks. The hook and chain trucks are hardly used.
There are many models of towing trucks. Some of the famous ones as used in towing nyc include brands like Toyota, hummer, ford and many more. There is the International CXT which has the largest towing capacity in the world i.e. of 40,000 pounds. This truck designed by the Navistar International Corporation has lush and spacious interiors which exclusive leather seating and also back seats that can be folded as per your convenience. This amazing machine is available to you at $120,000. The Ford F-350 Super Duty ranked second in the world has a towing capacity of about 19,500 pounds. The company has been manufacturing towing trucks for almost 25 years so you know that these machines are very reliable. They are designed with a special transmission and a gear that is especially designed to suit the towing needs .Other features include the telescoping mirrors attached outside that enables the driver to view the road outside the trailer.
Another model is the GMC Sierra equip with a huge 6.6 liters turbo diesel engine. This has a towing capacity of about 16, 600 pounds. It has amazing interiors which include a seven speaker Bose system and a DVD player with a seven inch wide screen for the entertainment of the backseat occupants. This screen can be folded as per your convenience. Next in the line up is the Chevrolet Silverado which like the Sierra has excellent diesel storage and lush interiors. The towing capacity of this machine is 16,700 pounds and is available at a price of $ 24,500. Some other famous models which are generally used by the NYC towing companies include Doge Ram 3500, The International MXT, the new and improved Toyota Tundra, The Nissan Titan King Cab, Cadillac Escalade EXT and the Hummer H2 SUT.
These vehicles are rather very expensive and the best way to buy them is to obtain financing. You can check for the best deal from the financing companies online.