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Information security is of utmost importance in any business, but in some industries it is absolutely critical. Data loss for these organizations simply is not an option. By employing managed services to control backups and bulletproof data recovery services to restore information, an organization can ensure 100% data access under any circumstances.
The Value Of Data
All businesses, regardless of industry or vertical, run on information. Organizations have customer data, financial records, inventory catalogs or other data essential to day-to-day operation of the company. Losing this information would be a great, and at times unrecoverable, financial burden on the company. Imagine being unable to file accurate tax returns because the company's financial history is destroyed, or a hospital losing a patient's medical history and being unable to provide safe treatment.
For some companies, information isn't just a tool, it is their actual business. Organizations such as libraries or universities act as reference sources for other groups throughout the globe. Data loss impacts not only the reference organization, but could devastate research projects or educational institutions. These companies may be the sole repository for much of this data and if the information is lost, it is lost to the world forever. They need IT managed services that can guard data at a level far beyond what is needed at a typical organization.
The Challenge Of 100% Data Protection
In any organization, system backups are often treated as a hindrance and/or an afterthought. They are scheduled only when convenient rather than on a consistent basis.. Backups are not stored offsite or are stored in unsecured locations. Restore procedures are not routinely tested. Even in companies that use IT managed services to coordinate backups, nearly perfect data protection is accepted as good enough. As years pass with no major incidents, companies become complacent and executives begin to wonder if they really need all those data recovery services when nothing ever goes wrong.
For organizations that cannot tolerate anything less than 100% data recovery, technology can be sadly lacking. The larger the operation, the more difficult it is to coordinate reliable backups across multiple locations. Restoring lost data after a disaster can become an administrative nightmare as no one really knows who is supposed to do what. A plan that works today may be inadequate for the future as the company outgrows its infrastructure.
Managing Remote Locations
We live on a planet that has been blanketed with a fast, reliable information network and this has allowed companies to move away from a traditional centralized structure. Rather than having a few major locations, modern organizations are more spread out. A corporation might have thousands of satellite offices all linked together in a single huge information network, and many of those "offices" could be telecommuters working from their kitchen tables.
IT managed services must be able to cope with this information architecture. Without all users housed in a single location, it is more difficult to ensure everyone is using the same tools and employing the same data safeguards. Memory Card Data Recovery recovery services have to be able to protect information in widely separated locations and restore that data to any destination in the network.
Modern Managed Services Offer Infallible Data Security
There are data recovery services designed specifically for the special needs of information-critical operations. These managed services coordinate all IT operations across the company, thus ensuring every location is using the same technology as every other in the chain. Cloud-based resources simplify the tasks of maintaining and safeguarding software tools by centralizing information.
Today's information technology no longer requires each location to have its own servers and IT staff. Accessing data is just as easy, whether the resource is down the hall or on the other side of the country. By consolidating information resources, they can be administered by professionally-managed data centers that offer leading edge data protection and data recovery services. The network users may be distributed throughout the country or even the world, but the essential resources are still best administered from a few key locations. The very technology that has allowed companies to break up into smaller pieces also lets them keep important functions centralized.
When information is your business, your ultimate success depends on the security of your data. Implement centralized and optimized data recovery services to give both you and your clients the peace of mind that can only come from 100% data protection.