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In the novel Crook is the only black man. Crook works on a farm, he is quite intelligent and he can read. Crook has a very distinctive crippled back which is where he gets his nick name Crook from referring to his crooked back and his character is seen as a lonely, crippled, black man. His character is seen as a tall, proud and lonely man, he finds George and Lennie’s relationship strange the way they always travel together and shows this by saying to George "Funny how you an’ him string along together’. I got you.’ Lennie’s face shows terror - he cannot bear George to be angry with him. This poet shows how the plans of men are no more secure than those of the mouse and this is the point of the book title. Slim is also a proud man and is well respected by the other men.

They then meet a character called Slim who is a well respected man. Now, you may not realize it, but in absolutely every published story the change at the end always relates to some value stated strongly early on in the story, either by or about the main character. His character is seen as a lonely, crippled but very proud man. He always looks for someone to blame, is very suspicious of the other men but is a proud man. The title is relevant because it is asking ‘are you a man or a mouse’ which links the title ‘Mice and Men’. Author. Title (Publisher location: Publisher name, Publisher date), page number. 10 per page. You can order a custom essay on Russian Literature now! First, enlisting professional help with writing does not necessarily mean that the essay will be written by a third party from scratch. I want to take this opportunity to say thank help me write expository essay writers on shakespeare you very much for taking this educational journey with me.

Give us the specifications of the ‘write an essay for me’ request. They make a career for earn money and the agency give high price for the best shot. He describes British farmers as ‘some of the best in the world’ but warns that as a nation we ‘cannot go on taking as we do from the Earth without giving something back’. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. In each section something happens which makes you want to read further. George knows that they will get kicked off the ranch if anything happens between Curley and Lennie. George plans for the two of them to work at the ranch and to save money so they can buy a house and a couple of acres of land and a farm and live off the land. George takes Lennie to a ranch where he tells him to say nothing as he feels if he lets him speak he would muck everything up. Lennie is a simple chap who has the mind of a child; George feels a need to look after Lennie and so takes on the role of a protective parent.

He cares for Lennie, takes care of him and spends most of his time with him. The novel begins with Lennie who has a mouse in his pocket; George then takes it out and throws it away making Lennie get in a temper. When George and Lennie reach the ranch, the boss is angry as they are very late. George becomes worried. George then tells Lennie to stay away from Curley. He then tells Lennie that everything would be easier if he wasn’t around. He starts beating up Lennie who is weak and too scared to fight back until George tells him to. Candy wants to be in on the dream so he offers them all his money and says he will do all the household chores if Lennie will let him live on the farm. Slim then offers Candy one of his puppies to replace the dog. Carlson offers to shoot the dog because the dog smells bad, Candy doesn’t want this to happen but he has no choice.

The novel of "Of Mice and Men" is written by John Steinbeck. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on Of Mice and Men for You! Every essay has the same structure and thinking that this essay should be different is very wrong. The structure of the book is very well planned as at the beginning you are introduced to Lenny and George the two main characters. So although some putative norms might become morally optional (or "supererogatory") if most of your peers fail to comply, others don't show that structure. In this novel many of the characters are lonely. The way the book is written about all the characters being lonely creates a real feeling of their loneliness for the reader. Both the novels deal with the topics that can be related to each other, such as the loneliness of a human being in the world, the abuse of power by bureaucrats, the cruelty and ambiguity of the modern world.