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If you wish to drop out pounds quickly, you must start sipping on some fresh juices that contain weight loss promoting ingredients. Instead of the cold pressed juices that sell out easily in the market, consuming fresh blender juices can do all the good-for-you. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some affordable juicers then do check out our list of top 10 Juicer Machines.

Experts recommend that a person should take at least 6-8 servings of vegetables per day, which are not so easy for many people out there. So in order to take in all the goodness of all those super nutritious vegetables, juicing them up is a nice idea. In the post below, we present a few exciting tips along with some We’ll like to throw some tips for you about the best weight loss juicing recipes.
Just before we go on further, you must know how long does fresh juice last. In general, a freshly blended juice must be consumed within approximately 20-25 minutes. Still, there are methods to store juices in a way that preserves their nutritional value. Similarly, a number of calories in the juice you consume is equally important.

Juice Diet Recipes:
We have cultivated some Juice diets and detoxes ideas here for you that will be a quick jump start for shedding those pounds right away. For your assistance, there are a few rapid weight loss juicing recipes to begin with. But before that, don’t forget to check out some of the common juicing mistakes you should avoid.

1. The Wondrous Fruit Punch Juice:
This deliciously nutrition filled fruit juice is a complete daily dose of fruits that would serve like a powerhouse for you and is an ultra-quick method to tone and shape your body really quick. Read on to know the formula!

The Wondrous Fruit Punch JuicePrep Time: 2 minutes - Serves: 1


½ peeled lemon
½ pineapple
½ cucumber
2 apples
½ ripe avocado
1 level teaspoon spirulina
1 capsule of acidophilus bacteria powder
You’ll have to juice the pineapple, apples, cucumber and lime. Now blend the spirulina, flesh of the avocado, bacteria powder and ice and sip it to enjoy the goodness.
2. Diet Orange Juice:
Diet Orange-JuiceYou must be familiar with the concept of juice diet, which is simply relying on juices for a few days and removing all the solid food from your diet to quicken the process of weight loss. Taking an orange juice diet is also a way to give you all the detox function. We’ll drive you through few facts about oranges and the amount of juicing calories they contain. A medium sized orange contains around 60 calories that are in the form of fibers. Just as a low-calorie diet, it burns your fat very quickly. Just take some sun-ripened oranges or tree ripe oranges along with water for 2 weeks and you’ll get all the vital nutrients and essential vitamins from it than your body is used to in routine. It would give you the best juice diet results for sure.

If you consume a 6oz (ounces) serving of tree ripe orange juice, you’ll have an intake of 90 calories. On the other hand, if you take 1 cup of a freshly squeezed orange juice you’re consuming about 112 calories. Therefore, this makes the former a better juice to lose weight.
Best Vegetable Juices:
Consuming vegetable juices allows you to get adventurous with your health. You can easily do experiments with new vegetables each day unlike eating them up and worrying if your family would like them or not. So it’s a good idea to slip in the best veggies to juice-up for all those picky eaters out there!

Try some of these to rejuvenate yourself with instant nutritious goodness!

3. Spinach Juice:
Spinach-JuiceSpinach is an enriched vegetable with the presence of many nutrients and biochemical substance called thylakoids, which reduces hunger for long intervals of time. So consuming spinach juice can actually reap you benefits with downsizing. It also contains satiety hormones that are involved in the hunger management process. Just consume this juice sometime before your meals to reduce your craving to eat more. It is also a good source of iron that keeps your system running throughout the day even if you don’t eat that much.

How much Fiber is in Spinach?
There are almost 8 grams of fiber in a 10 ounce serving of frozen spinach. Fiber and proteins are the necessary essentials that trigger the process of weight loss.

4. Nutribullet Carrot Juice:
Nutribullet Carrot JuiceThe Carrot is a fantastically healthy vegetable to squeeze and sip. Making a carrot juice in a Nutribullet juicer would extract the juice while retaining the pulp and the fiber that is usually removed by other juicers.

Just add some 4-5 carrots that are peeled and chopped into a cup or a bowl. Just blitz it for a minute, stop and then blitz again until you get satisfied. Now add some sweetener like honey to it and just enjoy the real taste.

And if you want a best cleanse blast plan just because you’ve stuffed a lot of bacons, eggnogs, apple pies and ham over the holiday you must get the Nutribullet Cleanse to cleanse your body from inside and out.

Just take an apple, a pear, a banana, and two handfuls of spinach or mint and fill out to the maximum extent with coconut water. The fountain of juice with all the fruit skins blended up with the freshness of herbs will help you feel genuinely cleansed up. Try this Nutribullet cleanse blast this weekend and have a week full of energy.

5. Vitamix Carrot Juice:
Vitamix makes it easy to juice anything. To make Vitamix Carrot Juice you would need the Vitamix Juicing Machine and a filtration bag. Just peel off a few carrots and place them in a freezer just a few minutes or half an hour before you want to juice them. Cut the edges, chop them off into once inch pieces, and then place them into Vitamix. Just blend on and stop as you get your puree ready. Just strain the puree with filtration bags and sip it up!

Green juice recipes for weight loss:
6. Kale, Lettuce and Pineapple Gentle Green Juice:
You would need 1/4th of a pineapple, 4 leaves of kale and lettuce, an inch of ginger, 1-2 green chillies and handful of some fresh parsley for this amazing green juice for weight loss. Just wash out all the ingredients thoroughly and put them in a blender. Just blend it out well and gulp it down to enjoy it!
7. The Whopping Green Juice Recipe:
This massive green juice recipe contains the massive load of green goodness packed into it that would definitely power you through your day. It contains ginger, which is the best circulation booster, parsley which is super energizing and kale which is full of vital nutrients and chlorophyll.

Just take one whole apple, an inch of ginger, 1 whole cucumber, 5 stalks of kale and a handful of fresh parsley. Blend it well and enjoy it to the fullest. You can also squeeze a lemon and add some drops of it to this juice to make it perfect for just doing that (weight loss). Sip it up in the mornings on an empty stomach to get an instant energy boost. Trust me, that it’s way better than coffee for your mornings. Ditch the ginger if you don’t want to taste something spicy in the start of your day!
The Bottom Line
Consuming juices lets your body easily absorb the nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals and enzymes) required to live a healthy life and it removes all the insoluble fiber from the food during the juicing process that is a little harder for your body to process. If you’re diabetic then you must first consult with your dietitian to make you aware of diabetes and juicing chemistry before taking too many juices.

We’re also not the advocates of weight loss through liquid food as it takes patience and time to burn those fats down and even consuming juices for weight loss purpose also requires consistency.

Are you going to try one of these weight loss recipes? Do tell us in comments about your secret of weight loss diet.

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